Find out more about Freemasonry and Wentworth Lodge

About Freemasonry

A video has been produced by the Province of Yorkshire West Riding which provides a helpful summary of what Freemasonry is all about.  If you would like to have an informal discussion after viewing the video and reading our Website please do get in touch by emailing

About Wentworth Lodge

The core purpose of Wentworth Lodge is to explore and enjoy a unique system based on a well established moral code which has to be experienced to be understood. In this, at times, challenging world it gives members the opportunity to attend meetings and briefly step off the treadmill of modern life, providing quality time in the company of friends and supporting charitable activities. It enables members to be part of an organisation that has been established for over 300 years with a legacy stretching back to major milestones in the earths history.

This core purpose enables members to experience a sense of achievement, personal growth and fulfilment, creating pride in their collective contribution to charitable, sociable and promotional activities and to have fun whilst doing it. We do what we do to continually expand both our knowledge of freemasonry and ourselves, whilst contributing positively to society and promoting freemasonry to others.

We maintain our membership, to be part of a worldwide organisation whose members are from all faiths, ethnicity and social economic backgrounds. To be part of history. To do good through charitable activities. To show care for others connected to Freemasonry.  To maintain our order and the positive impact freemasonry has on local charities and society in general, Freemasonry has to enrol new members in order they might also experience the joy and satisfaction of being a member of so noble an institution.