A Brief History of Wentworth Lodge No. 1239

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In the spring of 1868 a small band of enthusiasts met together at Bro. H. J. Garnett’s, 8 Norfolk Row, and placed on record that ‘Sheffield with only two Masonic Lodges did not occupy the Masonic position it should, therefore it was in the opinion of the Brethren present advisable that an application should be made to Grand Lodge, praying the Grand Master to grant a Warrant for a New Lodge to be opened in Sheffield, such Lodge to be called the Wentworth Lodge.’ On 21 July 1868, the first formal meeting was held at Bro. Garnett’s, when a petition was drawn up and signed by seven petitioners, and eight other Masons of standing, recommending the granting of the petition. The petition was also signed in accordance with a resolution passed by the Britannia Lodge by the whole of the officers of that Lodge.

The Lodge’s 50th Anniversary in 1919

In March 1919 the lodge meeting started at 3.45 and was then called off after an initiation ceremony. It was then called on and received the Provincial Grand Master and his Wardens, the Grand Treasurer, the Past 4 A History of Freemasonry in Sheffield, 1761–2017 Grand Deacon, and many other Masonic dignitaries. After the formalities of receiving the Provincial Grand Master and other officers, Bro. E. S. Nutt, Junior Warden, at the invitation of the Worshipful Master, read his History of the Wentworth Lodge. The Provincial Grand Master then addressed the lodge, congratulating it on its attaining fifty years and on its enthusiasm. After the lodge was closed in due form, 115 brethren attended the banquet, listened to the speeches, and the subsequent musical entertainment. The cost to each member for each of the celebrations was recorded at 7/6d (37p). The balance, in the region of £70, came from lodge funds. The following month the lodge met at 4.30, and, after a double passing and closing the lodge, a special Ladies Night was held. The Worshipful Master and his wife received the members, their wives and friends. 144 sat down to dinner, and after dinner there was dancing interspersed with vocal and instrumental items.

Centenary Celebrations 1969

In November 1969 the centenary meeting of the lodge was honoured by the presence of the Deputy Provincial Grand Master in charge, two Assistant Provincial Grand Masters and the Provincial Grand Secretary, Kenneth Hirst. After the formalities of reading the dispensation and the reception of the VIPs, the Secretary read extracts from the consecration ceremony, the Provincial Grand Secretary read the centenary warrant, which was presented to the W.M. W. Bro Grant Bird then read extracts from his history of the lodge, and the Deputy Provincial Grand Master presented a centenary jewel to the Worshipful Master, and all the members present were presented with jewels. The Worshipful Master then asked them to become honorary members, which honour they agreed to accept. The Charity Member then presented the Chairman of the Charity Committee with £200, and the Deputy Provincial Grand Master promoted three senior Past Masters to PPSGW. The centenary lodge was then closed. The Festive Board, consisting of six courses plus dessert and coffee, cost the members 32/6d (162p)

Wentworth Lodge has one of the longest running Lodges of Instruction in Sheffield.  This was created in partnership with Shrewsbury Lodge No. 7211 for whom Wentworth Lodge is its mother lodge.  It has been regularly held since the 1950's. On 16th December 2015 Shrewsbury Lodge was amalgamated with Wentworth Lodge. The special amalgamation ceremony of the two lodges was undertaken by R.W. Provincial Grand Master, David S. Pratt accompanied by Provincial Officers.

150th Anniversary Celebrations 2018

On Friday 7th December 2018 Wentworth Lodge celebrated its sesquicentennial anniversary.  This coincided with the installation of the 150th Worshipful Master of the Lodge W Bro. Mark Q Swales.  The Assistant Provincial Grand Master W Bro. John Boyington CBE SGD joined the 43 guests  at the ceremony and the celebratory dinner that followed.